We are setting out on an adventurous journey to make illustrated stories into books.
This platform aims to join illustrators, authors and picture book enthusiasts (small and big) into a collaborative community that turns ideas into stories and stories into books.

adventurous Illustrators wanted. with a special story

Imagine to produce a children's story and accompany the book production with a group of digital designers, that animate your characters to create supporting previews. Or imagine how music and paper figures could vivify your narrative in playful ways.


This platform aims to join illustrators, authors, picture book enthusiasts, digital animators and artists into a collaborative community to produce children books which are uncompromising, different, and off the grid. Working together they take parts of a beautiful story to animate and create a multimedia portrait of it.


The passionate Reader is simultaneously production Supporter


We aim to  publish one children’s picture book every four months. 
To avoid the usual constrains of the conventional publishing industry, we seek a monthly contribution from our supporters. 

Already 4 euros per month for a duration of 4 month secure the development of one book. The bigger the contribution the broader are our production possibilities.

More supporting people raise the creative freedom in the production process, the print-run climbs and the book itself can be more illustrated and complex. 

In return, you will get involved in each part of the production process and finally receive a printed copy of the finished book.

The creative contributors will make stages of the story development available to our community in a playful, colorful way, such as illustrations, background music or little animated movies. With these insights and previews, our supporters and their children will be drawn into the book’s narratives by the means of variant ways of story telling. 

about blue boat books – the makers

Blue Boat Books is a joint creative undertaking of Claudia Frickemeier and her close collaborative circle of artists and designers.

We seek to find great art and stories and experiment with new concepts, formats, narratives and genres. (With your support and input, we want to grow outside the traditional publishing world.) 

Our focus is in finding and supporting young talents and to explore new paths with them. We do, of course, also admire established artists and authors and do invite them to join us in our creative endeavour.


the blue boat books production procedure


        An idea, a script and illustrations meet the idea of blue boat books

We talk and exchange.

              We start creating, working, exchanging and producing and building the structure of a picture book.

Month 1

     The project – it's theme and style will be introduced to children book lovers, families, grandparents, collectors and the media environment

                          The dialogue with our supporting community starts.

                        The first teaser will be send out – maybe an origami construction plan of the main character that can playfully introduce who we will encounter in the story.

                           Blue boat books asks the crowd for financial contributions to pursue the development of the book project.

Month 2

    A new preview – maybe an illustration accompanied by music will be send out to embellish the story in progress to its future readers/currents supporters.

                             More supporters are joining with interest and financial support to take the project development further.

                             Blue boat keeps working on press and social media.

                             Existing followers and supporters like their engagement and keep up their financial support.

Month 3

    Another joyful preview gives further insights into the development of the story.

                             The story starts to be complete. A little stop-motion movie can illustrate a story sequence to built communication with the supporters. To see a small drawn character move creates a wonderful dimension to the story.

                             Blue Boat Books continues working on the public relations to make the upcoming book and its production process visible. The audience keeps growing.

Month 4

      The supporters will receive an ending preview and a little snoopy insight of the book they will receive at the end of the month.     

                           The last step of financial support facilitates the printing & delivery of the final object.

                        The printed picture book will be send to its supporters.


If you would like to get in contact for more information, to share ideas, scribbles, illustrations, or to offer support or just generally to share thoughts please write to claudia@blueboatbooks.org

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