an idea, a script     

   and many illustrations

we talk and exchange

              we start creating, working,

         exchanging, producing and    

    building the structure of a picture book

the project - it's theme and style will          be introduced to children, book lovers,                                       families, grandparents, collectors

                                        and the media environment

the dialog with our supporting community starts 

           the first teaser will be send out -

      maybe a stop motion movie or

         an origami construction plan

         for how to build a paper model

                                of the main character

  blue boat books asks the crowd for 

    financial contributions to pursue    the development of the book project

      more supporters are joining

              and we receive 4 euros     

                    of each supporter to take

                         the project


           a new teaser - maybe an illustration

                      accompanied by music

                            will be send out

                                   blue boat books

                       keeps working on     

 press and social media

        the followers and supporters

   like their engagement

     and keep up their financial support

         one more joyful teaser gives an                                          insight into the story

                          the last step

                      of financial support facilitates

        the printing & delivery

               of the final object


the idea of 

     blue boat books

the picture book